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        Bond investors win big betting on US consumer

        Investors who bet U.S. consumers would keep paying debts this year are reaping a windfall as households spend less and save more against the backdrop of a still-ailing national economy.

        Expert shares investment ideas for the aging population

        Greycroft founder Alan Patricof discusses his new venture fund Primetime Partners, shares his investment tips that target the aging population, reviews Joe Biden's DNC speech and political policies that will help narrow the wage gap, reveals whether he expects market growth in the last quarter of the year and tells a story about investing in Apple back in 1979.

        Trump: Coronavirus stimulus negotiations sticking point is mail-in voting

        President Trump speaks exclusively to FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo in a wide-ranging interview on Kamala Harris, what the economy will do if Joe Biden wins the presidential election, not believing the polls, Biden's promise to raise taxes, the economy before coronavirus hit, the breakdown on coronavirus stimulus plan negotiations, the threat of fraud in mail-in voting, the importance of voter ID, making trade deals in Europe, how his views of China have changed, the security threat of TikTok and WeChat, what his plans are in his second term, the importance of school choice and what he's accomplished during his first term.