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        Food and Drinks

        MOD Pizza is pledging to hire a more inclusive workforce

        MOD Pizza, a fast casual pizza concept with 450 locations nationwide, is joining an inclusion campaign with a pledge to provide job opportunities to those with disabilities or individuals who would otherwise face barriers to employment.?

        Red Lobster opens its first 'ghost kitchen' in Chicago

        Red Lobster announced the opening of its first "ghost kitchen" location in Chicago, embracing a?new style of restaurant focused entirely on fulfilling delivery orders for customers and forgoing the traditional dine-in or takeout models.

        Romaine lettuce recalled again over E. coli concerns

        The notice, which was posted to the Food and Drug Administration's website, comes almost?exactly a year after a pre-Thanksgiving outbreak of E. coli tied to lettuce from California sickened hundreds of consumers and led to a blanket warning about romaine lettuce.

        Grocery store purchase limits are back

        Major grocery store chains are imposing?another round of purchasing restrictions on essential grocery store items as a COVID-19 cases continue to reach new records.?