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        Personal Loans

        6 ways to manage your personal loan better

        Personal loans can be used for almost anything, from consolidating high-interest debt to funding a large expense. But if you fall behind on your payments or default on your loan, your credit card will take a hit. So, managing your personal loan with these 6 tips is key to gaining control of your finances.

        Personal loan origination fees: Are they worth the cost?

        A personal loan origination fee is paid up front when you take out a loan. It may be worth paying an origination fee if the loan has a long repayment period or a lower interest rate. But sometimes originations fees are not worth the cost.

        What happens if I default on a personal loan?

        Defaulting on a personal loan means you're behind in making the payments you signed up for. Once you default, there are consequences and the lender can take steps to recover the money you owe. But, there are also ways to avoid defaulting on your loan in the first place.

        How to refinance a personal loan

        A personal loan can be used for almost anything. But if your current monthly payments are too high or you just want a lower interest rate, then refinancing your personal loan can be a smart move.